RIG goes to Greece

November 2017

Rig made the trip to Greece to speak and exhibit at the British Councils medical and health care professionals career fair.

8 Top Tips to Improve Morale in Pharmacy

November 2017

With pharmacy being a high paced and often stressful environment it is often worth considering the question of what can be done to improve team morale. It is after-all the area of teamwork that a pharmacy department’s efficiency relies upon.

A day in the life of a Physiotherapist: Why I do what I do

November 2017

“Why did you become a physiotherapist?” or some iteration of this question is something that I am often asked by patients during a treatment session. There is no grand over-arching explanation as to how I became a physiotherapist, just one very simple reason...

Occupational Therapy by any other name (OT)

October 2017

Of all the battles Occupational Therapists have to fight, and there are many of them, for me the abbreviation of our name is the very last thing we need to worry about. OT is still Occupational Therapy.

How to survive a 'black alert' in the Pharmacy Department

September 2017

It is one of every NHS worker’s toughest moments when they hear the words black alert. Especially if it the first time you are experiencing such a period.


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