Seven common interview questions

We here at Rig Healthcare work hard to find you a job that will make you feel truly fulfilled, so we’d understand if you felt a little nervous for the interview – but there is no need to be! We have been experts in medical recruitment since 2002, and have helped so many of our candidates prepare for their interviews.

We have developed strong relationships with our clients and know every requirement they have, so our specialist consultants can give tailored advice to the individual to help them shine.

However, there are some things that every candidate can do to prepare them for their interview. We have selected the most commonly asked job interview questions and can advise on how to answer these questions and leave a positive impression.

Once you’ve mastered how to be confident at a job interview, you can then answer the following questions with ease, bringing you one step closer to your dream job:

1. “Tell us a little about yourself”

This is your chance to tell your interviewers how you can benefit their workforce, so ensure your responses are relevant to the job role you’re applying for, and where possible use examples to demonstrate your skills and achievements.

2. “What achievement are you most proud of?”

Here you can demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for your career, showcasing your proudest moments. Tailor your achievements to your new role, and what you will feel proud of in this new role.

3. “What do you know about our business?”

In this question, the interviewer is checking that you’ve done your research into their business, which demonstrates your enthusiasm for the role. Practice answering with passion to communicate how interested you are in the company.

This is also a good opportunity to give your reasons as to why you were attracted to the role and also why you think you’re the best candidate for this role. Explain how you can contribute to the company – again, with examples if possible. 

4. “Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses”

Tailor your strengths, with examples, to specific responsibilities in this role; the interviewer wants to hear why you are going to be the biggest benefit to their company over other candidates.

Always be honest with your weaknesses. A positive way of answering this question is to talk about skills you are actively improving and skills that you have improved on, giving examples of how you strengthened these weaknesses.

5. “Why are you applying for a new job?”

Remember to answer this question in a professional manner. Be honest, but never criticise your previous employers. If you are looking for new challenges or to learn new skills, expand on this, which again can reinforce the motivations you have for joining this business.

If you were made redundant, talk about how your previous company restructured, whilst remaining professional.

6. “Where do you want to be in five years?”

If you are applying for a permanent role rather than a locum job, this is the interviewer’s opportunity to gain insight into your personal career plan. If you had stayed with a previous company for a similar length of time, use this as an example to demonstrate your loyalty.

 If not, explain how this role will fit into your long term plan. This is also a chance to talk about your expectations of the company, and how you would like to achieve them.

7. “Describe a challenge you have faced and overcome”

Being able to problem solve is a desirable skill at any organisation. Conflict resolution, communication and coping under pressure can be applied to any job role. This is another opportunity to showcase prior experience in these situations and how you resolved these challenges quickly and professionally.

Overall, it is wise to rehearse these, but your enthusiasm for the role will come from within, so give honest answers.

For more advice on landing your dream job contact our specialist consultants at Rig Healthcare


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