How to be confident in a job interview

Regardless of your skills on paper, a confident interview can mean the difference between who gets a job and who doesn’t. At Rig Healthcare, we have prepared many candidates for interviews, educating them on what to expect and how to respond in a professional manner.

A job interview gives employers a chance to get to know you, and see a real personality. The key things are going into it with a positive can-do attitude and enthusiasm for the role.

If you truly want this job and believe you are the best person for it, then make sure you communicate how passionate you are for this role to your interviewer. This can be helped with good preparation, as can feeling confident.

Here are our top tips for feeling confident during your job interview:

Memorise your CV

Aside from the common questions they might ask you at an interview, your interviewer may ask you about your CV. Be prepared to expand on any points and relate them back to the role you are applying for.

Try to arrange your interview in the morning

If you can choose an interview time, try a morning meeting. It may help you feel more relaxed as you can go to it and continue your day rather than dwelling on it.

Plan your route

Planning the route you take to the interview will help calm nerves, allowing you to focus on how well your interview is going to go. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking!

Enter and exit the interview with confidence

A friendly smile and a strong handshake instantly highlights a candidate who is an approachable professional. Asking them questions too can help demonstrate your inquisitive side and eagerness to learn about the company and what it’s like to work there.

Body language is key

During the interview, it can be easy to become overwhelmed as it is an unfamiliar situation, with unfamiliar people. You can help yourself relax intrinsically by breathing and thinking positively, but also externally by adopting confident body language.

Sit up straight, refrain from fidgeting and make eye contact with your interviewers when answering questions, and smile – you want to be here!

A lot of people tend to speed up and start rambling when speaking under pressure. Make sure you breathe and pause in between sentences, and stay on topic.

Lastly, try not to worry.

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