How to make the most out of a locum job

Locum positions within the Allied health and Health Science services are just as essential as permanent roles. Permanent staff may need to undertake CPD training or may wish to go on holiday, when a locum is required.

As work can be inconsistent, some do feel there are disadvantages too, such as job insecurity. Some locums can also feel isolated as they move around often, not giving them enough time to settle and establish work colleagues.

However, there are many benefits to working as a locum in the UK. Each position you are placed in gives you the opportunity to learn and grow, and here’s how to take as much from it as you can:

Make sure you get a timetable that suits your lifestyle

One of the benefits of being a locum is the freedom to fit work around your other commitments, whatever they may be.

Therefore it is important to find a locum position with hours that suit you. Our consultants will ask your preferred working schedule in order to match you to ones that are perfect for you. 

Exceptional rates

A great benefit of being a locum is the payment rates. As your position in most cases will only be temporary, the rates are much higher than working as a permanent worker. Our recruiters will negotiate with the managers to get you the best possible rate for the position you choose. 

Give your locum job your all

Ensure you approach each task with the same diligence as you would a full-time job.

Demonstrating a positive and professional attitude during your work placement could earn you important connections with you can utilise in the future. 

Explore your new location

A job as an AHP or HSS locum may take you to somewhere you’ve never been before in the UK. This is your opportunity to explore the area and take in as much of your surroundings as possible.

One of the best places to do this is England’s capital, London, which is full of Britain’s heritage; however any location in the UK can be a fun experience! 

Record your accomplishments and watch yourself grow

At the end of your placement you can ask your allocated consultant to give you a review of your performance but is it is also wise to document what you have achieved during your role.

If you do get an opportunity, ask your manager for feedback to help you identify what others perceive your strengths and weaknesses to be. You can then formulise a plan to improve your skillset during your next placement. 

Capitalise on the abundance of expertise

One of the best things about being a locum is the amount of people you get to interact with throughout your career, and in turn, how much experience you are exposed to.

It is important to utilise these encounters - ask your colleagues for their thoughts and insight, which you can then apply in your future roles. 

Ask for references before you leave

Asking for references will be a great help to your CV and enhance your ability to secure locum jobs in the future. Besides, the more people who are willing to recommend you, the better!

Being a locum can feel risky at times, but it is important that you remain adaptable and open-minded to future opportunities. Work with an agency you can trust.

Our consultants at Rig Healthcare are experts at placing locums time and time again, plus our exclusive contacts with the Government procurement service, the NHS and a number of private hospitals mean that we can place you in the high calibre jobs others can’t.

We really enjoy working with locums as this give us the chance to get to know our candidates better and build stronger relationships. 

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