Strengthen your transferable skillset

Transferable skills are skills that can be used in a range of different jobs. Due to their ambiguity, they are highly sought after in any sector or industry. It's therefore important to develop those skills that you can transfer throughout your career.

In addition to strong numeracy and communication skills, the top transferable skills employers find desirable are:

The ability to work to deadlines

Being able to deliver before set deadlines is desirable to any role. The key to this is the accurate estimation of work, and setting a plan and sticking to it.

Organisation skills

The ability to organise your workload is a skill that can be used in any job, at any level. There are many different aspects to being organised, from being able to follow complex processes, organise priorities and prepare for future work.

Management skills

Once you are skilled at being organised, the ability to manage a task or team will become a lot easier. It is in this skill that you will need to be able to delegate tasks and monitor them throughout, whilst being able to anticipate future work and prepare for it in advance, keeping your team fully functional, like a well-oiled machine.

The ability to negotiate

In any career, you will come face-to-face with those who have opposing opinions to you. It is important in these situations to be able to effectively communicate the reasons behind your decisions and be able to devise a solution, whilst maintaining professional.


The majority of jobs usually have more than one aspect in their role. Therefore, it is important to keep on top of all of these priorities, and be able to adapt your workload and accommodate urgent tasks.

The ability to lead and motivate a team

Working in this sector can be strenuous, both mentally and physically, and your team will need a leader who is able to keep them focused and working at their best.

The ability to problem solve by making decisions.

The medical industry is very fast paced, and patients’ conditions can change very quickly, meaning that the right decisions need to be made quickly and then a plan of action needs to be devised and implemented.

These skills can all be developed over time, and will take practice to maintain. These skills can be gained from a range of different outlets: from prior jobs, voluntary work, home life, through joining a sport team and partaking in other hobbies and interests, or through specific medical courses which for example would teach you the appropriate bedside manner.

The most important thing however, whether you are confident in these skills or just learning them, is to make sure they are effectively communicated and tailored to the role you are applying for, which shows your adaptability and illustrates what you can instantly bring to the job in question.

Make sure you describe the transferrable skills you possess through your application, CV or interview.

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