How to obtain the best reference for your future healthcare job

When applying for a job, particularly locum position within the healthcare sector references are an essential element in the recruiting process.


The model referee will give your potential employers an idea of you as a person and be able to highlight your positive traits to confirm that you are the best candidate for the role.


That being said, how do you identify who is the right person to provide a reference?


Ask a colleague that knows what you are like to work with

Future employees prefer a referee from your professional life, rather than one you know on a personal level. If you can, rather than asking a peer try and get your reference from the most senior-level colleague you’ve worked with or have been mentored by, as the more senior a person within the industry the more authoritative they will be perceived to be.


With that in mind, you must ensure that you’ve had a close relationship with this professional and that you are confident that they can give an accurate account of how you work, as an individual and in a team.

Don’t use your friends as your referees


Getting a recommendation from a personal peer tends to hold less influence than those related to your professional career, especially if you work as a locum.


Your reference needs to be able to reflect how you work within a professional environment.

Choose a referee with good communication skills

Choosing a referee with good communication skills will positively reflect on you. Picking a colleague that can speak and write confidently will be favoured over referees that can’t, as it will give a good impression of the type of company you interact with.


Stay in touch with your referees

Once you have secured your referee, make sure that you stay in touch with them, especially around the time you are searching for a new job.


Asking their permission is the polite thing to do and will also give the individual time to prepare and display your qualities in the best light.


By building up a number of carefully chosen references, you will give yourself the highest chance of landing your next role.


If you have any queries regarding applying for jobs and interviews, or best practise in terms of references then please contact us


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