Keep calm and review your HCPC evidence (Blog 1)

Yes don’t panic, we can all breathe a sigh of relief as the HCPC audits are not for another year. But if like me you don’t want to wait until this time next year and start to panic as every white envelope drops through your letter box, and wished you had got organised  a little bit earlier, trying to remember what on earth you were doing in October 2013. Then this is the blog to read this week. We all know how quickly the next year will go, let’s make this the year we keep on top of our CPD evidence, me included!

Having multiple jobs throughout the year can make it more challenging to keep a grip of your CPD. I know as I have three jobs, two kids, a husband, dog etc, and like most people just throw pieces of paper into a box file in a random order to sort out at some point. Hopefully through this blog we can break this task down into feasible chunks support each other, share thoughts, and ideas making the journey through to being fully prepared for next year’s audit more pleasure than pain.

Let’s start at the beginning, relax, get a cup of tea/coffee and ask yourself a few questions..

Have you had regular supervision over the past year? Yes? Great, have you recorded that information or have you got access to it? Have you got a copy of your annual appraisal?

This is a great place to start for many reasons.

This is the first of the HCPC standards, ‘maintain a continuous, up to date and accurate record of your CPD activities.’ It is also a requirement of working in the NHS, and good practice in general.

Most of the things that you have achieved since October should have been recorded during your supervision sessions.

  • Standard 1  Add supervision notes to CPD File, and complete a reflection on ...................................... 

We will be going through each standard as the blogs go on, but remember we are doing things in doable chunks. So all you are doing in the next couple of weeks is gathering the records of your supervision sessions, so as a minimum you should have five or six from the previous year.

If you are not having supervision you should be, it is a professional requirement. So in the next couple of weeks you need to spend some time identifying ;

Who you could have supervision with – manager, OT specialist, peers?

When you could have supervision - should it be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly, for how long, one hour, two hours?

Where you could have supervision - on site, off site?.

This is not all about looking back it’s also about planning for the following year, so we gather excellent evidence as we go along, and it becomes so easy, just like keeping your patient/client/service user notes.

In terms of your CPD activities if you have not had regular supervision, don’t worry, you have your diary from October 2013 so it’s only the last nine months we are looking at. Remember nothing before that date counts towards the next audit, even if you had some fantastic achievements in September 2013, I know but there you have it.

These blogs will talk and walk with you through each HCPC standard, and we can share and support each other along the way, do it in achievable steps, and have a great sense of our personal and professional development at the end of it.

Any thoughts, questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you, please feel free to get in touch.

Margaret Spencer MA Consultant Occupational Therapist & Senior Lecturer    LinkedIn Profile


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A note from the author:

My blogs are a culmination of over thirty years experience  working in Occupational Therapy, including material from my books and conference presentations.

They answer the real queries and questions that 100's of undergraduate  and post graduate students, qualified OT's and managers, that I have had the privilege to work with and supervise continue to asked me.



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