Benefits of being a Locum

This is my first time writing a blog and I hope you find it interesting. My main focus is going to be about the benefits I’ve found being a Locum pharmacy technician.

I fell into Locum work really, I was newly qualified after taking  a break to go travelling after completing my course and agency work was something I came across as soon as I started looking for work.

Within a week I was in work, it takes a while getting registered with an agency but once you’re up and running there’s always work somewhere, I prefer to stay within my region as I like where I live but a lot of hospitals offer accommodation if you’re willing to move.

The pay is always good, weekly and on time, I feel the best benefit I’ve gained from my years as a locum is confidence, you have to be able to get right in there and start, talk to people and from this I’ve learnt a lot, made friends who keep me updated on how their job is going and which places they have found good to work at.

Some people often get worried its un-reliable work and yes in some cases it can be but if you’re a hard worker they will treat you as one of their own, I was at a place for 3.5 years as a locum and loved it.

There are many things I like about the work, you can choose where you go, you can decide what annual leave you take (of course you don’t get paid for annual leave but I feel being flexible makes it a lot easier for you to get along with your work place). I like to give my place of work a good amount of time if I have holiday planned and it helps to let them know if something is booked beforehand.

I’ve been qualified since 2007 and worked as a locum and also been a permanent member of staff and I have to say it’s my personal choice to be a locum, I feel there’s more freedom to it. Unfortunately you’ll always meet people who don’t like the idea of being a locum but you have to remember you're there to help them and as long as you keep that in mind most usually get along fine.

I have so many funny stories over the years from people I’ve met to the things being prescribed such as a banana but I’ll leave that there. I’ve gained knowledge on how different hospitals work,  which has made me more confidant and often helps your new place of work as I’ve been asked many times how do other hospitals cope with this or that problem.

Most people probably aren’t even aware in some places they offer training to locums for example I was trained in medicines management and now can put that on my CV for my next role.

It’s always different and I think variety is the spice of life, and of course if you end up in an awful place let’s face it, it might happen, a weeks’ notice and you’re out.

I think there’s always going to be ups and downs in any work place but I’ve been lucky, had long contracts if you work hard you’ll be rewarded as such.

Hope you found my first blog interesting, thank you for reading!

Grace Hayes

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