Moving Occupational Therapy practice forward.(Blog 5)

In this blog we will use the information you have gathered to reflect and move your practice forward with everything you have learnt.

There are many different way to reflect; by now you should have discovered which way is the best for you. If not you can identify that for your next action point. Review a range of models of reflection see which one you feel most comfortable with. Explore if you prefer to record it in a written or spoken form, you could try a webcam to record initial thoughts and then write it up later, or just stick with the web recording.

Try a different model each month and a different way to record it until you decide which is the most efficient and useful for you. Choose a method that you actually can do in the time you have and has valuable outcomes for your professional development or you won’t do it.

It feels amazing to have achieved so much and be prepared for the HCPC audit with all the information ‘on the shelf’ ready to go.  As you were assembling all that information you may have been able to reflect about the way that you have been working over the last year? We have already discussed if this current form of reflection is the best for you.

You need time to pause at this half way point in the audit cycle and work out what you have discovered about your practice. If you feel there are gaps or things that need changing to enable you to meet all the HCPC requirements ask yourself, ‘if I was an assessor for the HCPC would I pass myself, if not why not?’

Hopefully by now you will be having regular supervision and you can discuss these issues. Or you can always contact me to let me know of areas where you are stuck, I can answer them in future blogs.

Start by having a clear action plan following each supervision session, stating which one of the HCPC standards you will be meeting by actioning it. Try to have a minimum of four action points after your supervision session, each one demonstrating how you are meeting each of the four standards. This will make the process so much quicker next year when you try to assimilate all the information. You will be able to just cut and paste, write 600 words (if you have followed the previous blogs) and your audit requirements are ready to go.

You may need to go back through your diary or supervision notes to make sure there is nothing that you have done in the previous year that you may have forgotten about. For example you may feel the evidence of the benefits for the service user is a little sparse on the ground. If you have reviewed everything you have done your next course of action could be to research the best ways to collect some evidence of outcomes in your area of work.

Making sure that service users are actually benefitting from the occupational therapy service that you provide is obviously crucial to the survival of yourself in the job and the profession in general

If you identify changes you need to make to your practice try and answer the following questions

What are the changes?

Why do I have to make them?

How  can I make the changes?

What may stop me?

How can I overcome these barriers?

In this blog we have used the information you have gathered to reflect and move your practice forward. In the next blog will explore your time management as we move into Autumn.

You have worked really hard over the last couple of months and I hope most of you will have been able to squeeze in a few days of rest, and enjoyed the warm sunny weather.

Margaret Spencer MA Consultant Occupational Therapist & Senior Lecturer    LinkedIn Profile

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A note from the author:

My blogs are a culmination of over thirty years experience  working in Occupational Therapy, including material from my books and conference presentations.

They answer the real queries and questions that 100's of undergraduate  and post graduate students, qualified OT's and managers, that I have had the privilege to work with and supervise continue to asked me.



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