Top reasons to become a locum Sonographer

Within all the areas that RIG Healthcare operate the reasons and benefits to become a locum are the same HOWEVER in Ultrasound the need and availability of flexible roles make these benefits even more prominent.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a locum why not read our top reasons below for some info:

Additional Work

Many professionals believe wrongly that you are either locum OR you have a permanent position. This does not have to be the case and we can’t stress strongly enough that as a Sonographer (also CT/MRI radiographers) you can have the security of your permanent job and all the benefits that go with it (pensions, paid holiday etc) AND be a locum.

You could be a part time locum covering one or two weekdays or just cover lists on weekends. Although none of us can promise work without an offer from a manager I think I can speak for many recruiters in this field to say the certainty of placement in this situation is high if you are have the right qualifications and experience.

Financial Benefits

Sonographers can achieve high pay rates ranging from £40 to £55 p/hour (often even more for weekend work) depending on which shifts have been worked and location in the UK. When you compare this to a permanent Sonographers wage, the locum Sonographer grosses around £20,000 to £40,000 extra per year. In known cases Sonographers have doubled their earnings by working through an agency.

Flexibility of Hours

You tell us when you are available and we will do our best to find some days/shifts/lists to fit around this. In many cases notice periods in locum positions are only 1 week so if you need to cut back your hours you have the confidence that you can do this easily and quickly.  Locums aren't bound to annual leave caps either which means they can holiday essentially whenever they want to.

Try before you buy

Take a placement at a hospital and test it out! Essentially you can try before you buy. If you like it that’s great but if you don’t or you begin to become over worked then you can fall back on that 1 weeks’ notice period.

Become a better Sonographer

A locum is exposed to different surroundings, techniques and challenges. This on job training will make a more all rounded sonographer with an abundance of experience in multiple areas which is all great CV experience and personal growth.

Expand you network

Work with a wide range of individuals, widen you network. This is key to such points as progression and generally allows you to surround yourself with individuals you can work efficiently with, bounce ideas off of each other and generally have a great professional network for the future.

Opportunities to travel the UK

Take the opportunity to travel around the UK, pick up work in many different locations. As many hospitals have accommodation, at an affordable price, this can be easily done especially if you are trying to find a location to settle in.

For more information contact the RIG Ultrasound team on or have a look at our current available jobs.


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