Moving to the UK doesn't have to be daunting.

Moving to the UK and furthering my career as a radiographer overseas is something I’ve always wanted to do. At first it seemed like a daunting process, I heard that there was a lot of paperwork involved in the application and was concerned I didn't have enough experience having only finished university a couple of years ago. However once I got in contact with RIG Healthcare through a friend, I was given step-by-step guidance and I realised the process was actually not that complicated. My consuItant informed me about the market and where it was likely that I could get accomodation with a role (mainly outside London) so I told my consultant my preferences for the cities where I wanted to work. 

Obtaining a registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as well as the Tier 5 Working Holiday Visa was probably the most time consuming part of the application. It took a few months to get my registration and passport back in the mail before I felt things were well on its way. 

When I arrived in the UK I was prepared to work straight away. I was in touch with RIG Healthcare and attended my training in ‘Basic Life Support’ and ‘Manual Handling’ which took half a day at a training centre in central London. As I had all my compliance documents ready before I left Australia (e.g. police checks and the completed ‘Healthier Business’ forms which RIG provided) I was able to start working right away. Within days my consultant from RIG Healthcare had helped me find work in CT in a lovely department in Brighton where my accommodation was minutes away from work and walking distance to the seafront. RIG also provided me with tunics and TLD’s which meant I didn’t need to worry about sorting out my uniform or my own radiation monitor. The transition was quite seamless. 

After working in Brighton for a week I realised that being a locum was a bit like being a student on placement at first. You would be expected to know how to do the scans but it was okay not to know all the protocols or necessarily how to use all the equipment from day one. Everyone was very friendly and willing to answer my questions and within a couple of weeks I felt familiar with the equipment and the department. The scanning protocols were also quite similar to the ones back home, as was the equipment.

Overall I think it was a truly rewarding experience working in the UK. I learnt to work in a different country with people of a different culture and learnt the work ethics of the UK. My working holiday also taught me to be more independent and versatile as I learnt to adapt to changes each time I worked in a different department and moved to a different city. I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to move around the UK and see how different each county is as well as going to places I wouldn't otherwise have visited. 

A giant thank-you to RIG Healthcare for assisting me during my time working and living in the UK and making the transition a smooth and seamless process.

Phoebe Lay, Radiographer

Phoebe worked in Brighton and Bath for RIG Healthcare before returning home to Australia. To read more about Phoebe's travels visit her blog :

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