It’s 2015, how can you become a better Physiotherapist?

As we grow in our career, we should always aim to get better. This provides satisfaction both for ourselves and more importantly for our patients. New research is always being produced so how can we make sure we are providing the best treatment to our patients?

 1.       Be active on social media.

I have been using sites like Twitter and Facebook weekly for some time and try and follow different physiotherapists to learn from them. Other physiotherapists show videos, articles and blogs, and these can be accessed at the touch of a button. Also, this information is free and can be accessed from anywhere.

2.       Subscribe to a journal.

I work in a musculoskeletal setting and subscribe to one or two journals a year. This allows me to keep updated with new research, new techniques and ideas to improve my practice. Many of these can now be accessed online so sometimes I tend to read something on the way to work on the train and on the go.

3.       Take continuing education courses

I aim to take 3 courses a year to improve my knowledge. Over the years, every course I have taken has provided me with some form of knowledge that I continue to use in my daily practice. Remember, you never know enough. Don’t be afraid to try something new as it can open up new ideas to improve your treatment regimes.

4.       Liaise with other professions.

I work with a number of other physiotherapists and sometimes we are presented with difficult cases. As well as speaking with each other we always aim to talk with other local osteopaths, chiropractors, Pilates instructors or acupuncturists to get other ideas on treatment plans or to discuss why some patients aren’t improving to the level we would expect.  I may be missing something in my assessment or treatment techniques or simply may need to try a new approach. The patient always appreciates this so don’t be afraid to chat with other professionals.

5.       Join a network group.

Whether online or in person, physiotherapists nowadays can join different groups which helps them learn from others. I belong to a number of different online groups that I communicate with and I find this helps me to improve my knowledge. Network groups also help with providing new opportunities if you are looking for a new job, get updates on new products and build new relationships with your peers.


Are there any other tools you use?

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