My thoughts on life as a Locum Hospital Pharmacy Technician


My thoughts on life as a Locum Hospital Pharmacy Technician by Grace Hayes

My current role is general dispensary work and the day generally starts with the usual chores around the pharmacy.  Everyone chips in to do the morning duties, things like putting away split containers from the day before, cleaning down the benches, phones and tablet counters with alcohol spray for health and hygiene. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand a dirty phone screen, other duties include refilling of completed prescriptions, topping up bags and bottles for the day.

Then its onto the hard stuff, usually pharmacies are inundated with phone calls so someone at my current placement is on a rota to answer the phone..

Most staff know this call is usually ‘Where is my prescription??’  ‘When is it ready??’

This can take up a lot of valuable time, many pharmacies are trying different ways of solving this with the main one I have come across is:

Electronic prescribing

How it works, a doctor on the ward writes a prescription directly on a computer, a Pharmacist on the ward then screens it, once authorised it is sent electronically down to the pharmacy, to print off and dispense.  Some hospitals have implemented a scanning tracker system; here you scan barcodes after each point, ie dispensing, checking etc. This enables the ward to see where in the process the prescription is. This reduces the need for many phone calls, time spent trying to decipher doctors hand writing, drug errors and increases patient safety.

Electronic prescribing has been used in many hospitals I’ve worked at in the last few years, some of the early adopters used it initially within the Pharmacies to track prescriptions and now it has developed into the above. In my opinion it’s a really modern step forward in the NHS which saves time for both nurses and pharmacy staff.

Every hospital has a late team, who have to stay until the work is complete, I like to try my best to get it all done. As a locum you don’t stay late and I often feel for the people stuck behind to finish the work. (Some may think this an advantage of being a locum)

It’s a really rewarding job and although it seems a little boring from my brief description as a locum I’m always learning something new each day, which makes it worthwhile.  I always feel I’m helping people.

Grace Hayes

CPht Registered

Pharmaceutical Technician


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