Livin’ La Vida Locum – Installment 3.0: The Benefits of Locum Speech Therapy Life

Livin’ La Vida Locum – Installment 3.0: The Benefits of Locum Life 

by Gen Howard

Being a locum speech therapist and living in London has opened up a wide range of opportunities that I never expected! The flexibility of locum speech life allows you to take contracts that suit you, for a length of time that suits you and at a rate of pay that suits you. This lifestyle has afforded me travel to the USA, Africa, Australia and Europe, while living in central London.

Moving between speech jobs shows you just how similar and also how different each work place is - I can now travel between positions / hospitals and see what does and what doesn’t work so well – it’s invaluable! This also allows you to develop your interpersonal and professional skills and adjust to working with a variety of different people.

The benefits of being a speech therapist locum around London has also allowed me to see parts of London I may never have ventured into. Working in Kent showed me a pseudo-countryside English snapshot. Driving around with BBC Radio1 teaching me the British lingo, while watching the Autumn leaves fall was pretty special. South West and South East London opened my eyes to the vast multiculturalism that exists in this city. I have also been exposed to the difference in populations north and south of the river.

I have had the opportunity to work in major and more suburban hospitals, as well as community work, which reveals a difference in working pace, complexity of cases and continuum of care factors. 

Many people have asked why I hadn't applied for permanent speech therapy positions when I first arrived in London. When it comes down to it, experiencing a multitude of workplaces, getting paid a lot more for it, having the flexibility to negotiate contracts and having the ability to travel were really key. 

Of course there are negatives to locum speech therapy working too. Stability is something that you do have to sacrifice. You may not know where you're going to be working in a few months time - though this does open up the above opportunities. You may also not get your dream position straight away. It can be difficult feeling settled in a position, having built relationships with your team members and then having to move to another position. Despite this, I honestly believe that the positives outweigh the negatives and being a locum speech therapist can be a wonderful professional and personal experience. 


Gen Howard, Locum Speech Language Pathologist. LinkedIn Profile 

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