Livin’ La Vida Locum – Installment 4.0: Seeking Stability

The word on the street was that getting sponsorship in London was a no go zone for us Speech and language therapy foreigners. I had been told that if I wanted to avoid permanent deportation at the end of my visa, I’d have to head well out of the big city (or hide in a small, well sealed box). I’m stoked to say that they were all wrong.

In March this year, I received an email from a mysterious “Liam” from RIG Healthcare asking if I would be interested in applying for a sponsored permanent speech and language therapy position in London. I essentially laughed in his face at first and then started to resent his existence for dangling this carrot in front of me. This all seemed too good to be true (despite the hefty pay cut for permanence). Problem was – my mind had been preparing itself for the imminent deportation. It became a real emotional battle, weighing up the pros and cons of staying vs leaving, home vs London. Poor Liam bore the brunt of “verging-on-mentally-unstable-unable-to-make-decisions” me – for which I owe him 100 beers.

With the help of Liam, a decision was made and the CV was pulled from the cobwebs for a spruce up. An application was submitted! The process was by no means a speedy one and this caused a lot of heartache not knowing whether I was legally required to pack up London life or not. I interviewed for the job and was successful! Sponsorship…in London? Two weeks before the looming deportation!

I write this in the interim… Back in Aussie-land awaiting the visa process to be sorted out, which, apparently, takes ages! Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end and this won’t have to be Livin’ La Vida Broke-a :)



Gen Howard, Locum Speech Language Pathologist. LinkedIn Profile 

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