Are you getting the most out of professional supervision?

Did you know more people are paying for independent OT supervision than ever before?

As part of your HCPC registration you should be receiving professional supervision in some shape or form. Have you ever wondered if you are getting everything out of those sessions that you want or need?

After a OT supervision session how do you feel? Are you energised, clear and focused on the direction you are going in for the next couple of weeks until the next supervision session? Or puzzled and unsure about the exact purpose of your session?

If you don't feel energised and focused maybe this is time for some reflection on your experience of supervision.

  • Think about who sets the agenda? Is it you?
  • If not, do you set at least half of the agenda?
  • Do you feel your voice is heard?
  • Are your questions and queries answered?
  • Do you feel supported and understood?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, think about your last supervision session or sessions and write a short list of the top five things you would like from them.

Supervision can incorporate many things and be supportive, informative, educational and more. It is an opportunity to share and disclose your worries, and concerns in an environment of non-judgemental empathy. It can contextualise your OT work within current clinical governance standards. Supervision can provide space and time for reflection and it is a chance to explore and discuss a way forward for you in the next month/ two months to enable you to clearly meet your clients and your own personal and professional occupational therapy needs.

As more organisations begin to understand the role and function of occupational therapy, and as a profession, we are able to fully articulate this and explain what we can offer, new role emerging jobs are being developed almost daily in Transgender clinics, sexual health, NEAT projects, allotment groups, homelessness etc.

If you are one of these occupational therapists entering into these new roles you must remember to include the cost of professional supervision when you negotiate these new contracts and the time allocated to undertake supervision.

You also need to have a conversation related to CPD activities which are a requirement of the HCPC which you may have to evidence as part of the bi annual audit. It is easy to forget about these if you have been working for a locum OT agency like RIG Healthcare, you will probably have been placed in the NHS where professional supervision is included in your clinical practice and RIG Healthcare have been contributing to your CPD costs through their CPD loyalty scheme.

However independent supervision is not the exclusive prerogative of occupational therapists working outside the NHS. Many occupational therapists in every area of practice are now actively seeking and working with their chosen supervisor outside of their work setting for a variety of reasons. They may not like the quality of supervision they receive, they need something more or something different from what they are currently offered. They may want to reflect more or explore other avenues and it is important to know that starting from £40 an hour you can have tailor made supervision.

Think about what you wrote in your list of 5 things that you would like from your supervision at the start of this blog, and if you’ve realised you’re not getting the most out of it always remember there is an alternative….

Margaret Spencer

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