Get to know your locum recruitment agency! (The 50 Shades of RIG!)

Just a few weeks back, I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the lovely recruitment consultants from RIG Healthcare for the first time. I’d never met anyone from RIG Healthcare before and this came as a bit of a surprise to them!

Having worked with RIG Healthcare for over 2 years, we had a fair amount of catching up to do. The four of us met at a pub in Waterloo. Charlie, Michelle, Liam and I got straight into some burgers and shared a bottle of wine. Time to celebrate getting permanently placed into a speech and language job and sponsored (thanks again Liam)! It was great to get to know them on a personal level and to share our experiences of being the locum speech therapist and the speech therapy recruitment consultant. Despite this, I feel Liam may have become a little bored of girl-chat. Many laughs were had and ultimately ended up in me promising to write a blog entitled the ’50 Shades of RIG’ – mostly because they were all ridiculously good looking and mysterious… we then may have strayed a little off topic from the world of speech and language therapy to 50 shades of grey… 

I digress! I was also lucky enough to go to the RIG Healthcare therapy drinks event in October. What a fun night! The event is held by Rig Healthcare in a Central London venue, from their perspective it’s nice to buy us all a few drinks, get to meet us all face to face and get introduced to some of our friends that we can bring with us. From my perspective is was really great to meet some of the other candidates that RIG Healthcare works with in my field and for us to discuss being a locum speech therapist and other industry topics and to drink lots of wine and eat yummy food!

Plus you get to meet a large amount of the RIG Healthcare staff, even though I’m no longer looking for locum work it’s nice to know there are people behind the voices at the end of the phone!

The moral of the story is – get to know your agency! I wish that I had met up with the team when I had first started as a locum speech therapist so I knew that I had a friend and support at the end of the phone whenever it was needed so if you get invited to a night out then go or if you can't make it try to organise a seperate date or see if they are attending any of the conferences you may be going to.

It was a pleasure to get to know the girls (Liam inclusive).  

Gen Howard, Speech Language Pathologist. LinkedIn Profile 


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