A big move to follow your dreams of being a Radiotherapist

Newly Graduated with no job prospects

With the government cutbacks and recent elections, there was a hiring freeze put into place in British Columbia, Canada in 2013. This was the year I graduated. Interviews for the new radiotherapy graduates were cancelled a week before they were due to commence. There and then began my endless applications to various cancer centres across Canada and eventually these applications began to seep into the US. The United States was one of the last places I wanted to work, as I did not agree with their healthcare system. Alas, I was a new graduate with almost a decade of schooling under my belt, a daunting student loan and an eagerness to finally start my career. During this time, I had decided to sign up with RIG Healthcare and had began my HCPC application process reluctantly.

A year had passed since graduating and I had almost given up on my career as a Radiotherapist and had established a decent position with potential in an Optical Laboratory. On 4th August 2014, I get an email from Adrienne, specialist Radiotherapy recruitment consultant at RIG Healthcare saying her client in Hull would like me to start on the 11th August. My initial reaction was, this can’t be right...! It had been a year; I had finally taken some steps to pull myself out of the student persona and into career-minded woman, and then this wrench. I made a bold decision and I quickly got my Visa application together and expedited the process. Soon after, I packed 2 suitcases and I was off to a new country and continent and left everything that was safe, in search of the career that made me happy. I moved into Castle Hill hospital accommodations 31 August, and started my first day as a Radiotherapist on the 1st September.!


Student to Radiotherapist

It’s a big step to go from being a student to a fully qualified radiotherapist, forget going from a student, a one year break to a radiotherapist. The days previous to my first day I had mixed emotions of excitement, nervousness, fear. I felt excitement because I finally had the opportunity to work in my niche. I felt nervous because it had been a year since I last practised; keeping in mind I practised as a student. I went through my notes any time I had a moment. I felt fearful of not living up to my expectation of being a Radiotherapist, a therapist that provided the best care to her patients. With these mixed feelings, I stepped into Castle Hill Hospital on my first day.

Once my first day was complete all I felt was more excitement and relief. The first day and even the first week had gone smoothly. It was like riding a bike, all my clinical knowledge came swarming back and at that point I remembered how much I loved radiotherapy as a student. At that moment I knew I had made the right decision.

This big move towards my desired career showed me that I am capable of doing anything I want to do. I have many dreams and intend on pursuing them. Although my feeling of nervousness could have been attributed to the big changes that occurred in a span 2.5 weeks, I feel more that it was a fear of the unknown. By taking this new perspective on my thoughts I now have the courage to face situations (career-related or not) in the future.

It was that minor gap of an opportunity that was provided to me over a year ago that has encouraged me to keep following my heart and ambitions.




What now?

Contact our Radiotherapy specialist adrienne.hough-bekker@righealthcare.co.uk

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