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Just before Christmas I was really pleased that my families festive traditions were selected to be featured in the Guardian Weekend Magazine on 19th December, you can read it online.! 

What I didn't say in the story was the big declutter I have every year pre-Christmas before the onslaught of more 'stuff' arrives in the house.

This year as I was sat by the fire I thought about doing an online declutter, and took some time to delete people from my contacts and go through all my emails removing any irrelevant ones. I also took some time to unsubscribe from all the companies who send frequent but not very useful emails to clog up my life.

It was a really useful exercise, made much easier by tea and cake. As I have gone into the New Year, I have noticed a significant reduction in the volume of emails I am receiving, all of which are much more relevant. A few more are creeping back in but I unsubscribe immediately before the numbers build again.

Having each day over filled is not the best way to work and doesn't give the best quality occupational therapy to your service users/ clients/ patients.

So why do you need to 'unsubscribe' to things in your clinical life more often?

Well here are ten reasons to start with and I am sure you could add a few more....

  • Having every day spinning more and more plate’s means eventually one will break.
  • If there is no time for reflection, you will continue to repeat the same mistakes.
  • You owe it to yourself and your service user to have a quality experience. In order to do that you will need time to reflect and plan.
  • You need time to prioritise what you need to do on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis to deliver an excellent service.
  • The delivery of a quality service is a requirement of your HCPC registration, which you need to provide evidence of.
  • Having time for quality supervision is essential and enables you to negotiate what is required to deliver a quality service.
  • Occupational therapy requires activity analysis, task analysis and goal setting so you should practice this with yourself before recommending a balanced life to others.
  • It is essential to allow time to measure and record your outcomes or you are not proving the need for your service.
  • You want to have a sense of achievement rather than a sense of anxiety and stress at the end of each day.
  • You should be able to cost your individual work and know exactly what an organisation is paying for.


Have a good think about your daily work life, take a little time to work out what are the things you could unsubscribe to?

A little investment in clearing out the clutter will be well worth it as you know as well as I that many more things will be heading your way whether you have made room for them or not.

If you don't want to do it alone or don't think you have the discipline, buddy up with a friend or colleague or invest in a one off supervision session. As the advert says, 'You are worth it’ but as health care professionals so are the people you work with.

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