Why you should stop & take a mindful moment

Some of us maybe lucky enough to be in a job that aligns with our ‘life’s purpose’ and then there are those of us who often end up in jobs, locum or permanent, we may not have imagined ourselves in. No matter where we fall along this spectrum it seems that we often find ourselves in a race with ourselves to meet deadlines, to complete to-do lists or to get to the next stage of our career. It’s the nature of the fast paced world we live in after all! We often associate working relentlessly, during unsociable hours and taking on every task asked of us with success.

Family members and schoolteachers tell us from a young age that ‘working hard is the key to success’ and that ‘nothing comes easy’. With these thoughts embedded in us we move forward in life – trying to establish a decent career that earns us a good reputation and if we are lucky a good wage! With these pre-conditioned notions and the state of affairs in the world it seems natural to work in frenzy, unknowingly sacrificing our wellbeing to achieve goals, which may not even be ours. We might look around and justify this because well, it often seems like everyone is taking part in this rat race for a better version of everything! Through all of this we may find ourselves becoming bogged down in the day-to-day tasks of our permanent or locum job to the point that initial enthusiasm for the job has now withered away. This offsets a cycle of mixed experiences – perhaps, confusion about whether to continue in the role, bitterness towards the workplace and colleagues, in addition to being mentally exhausted, just to name a few.   

Amidst all this mental chaos – the last thing any of us want to do is stop for a mental break or ‘mindful moment’ because doing so might seem counterproductive especially with to-do lists growing and deadlines fast approaching. Much to your surprise, it might actually be one of the best things you do for yourself and also for your career. Having the awareness to step back for a moment will allow you to gain a sense of direction with your work rather than being overpowered by tasks and deadlines. The benefits are endless and overall you’ll find yourself being more effective at work with an increased ability to focus and remain attentive with improved communication skills not to mention that working with a calm mind is much more enjoyable than a stressed mind! The significance of taking a mental break throughout a working day is unimaginable! A mental break might mean different things to different people – for some it might be getting some fresh air, going for a short walk, reading a comic or meditating. The main aim is to prioritise your wellbeing so you can give your best self in the work you are doing.

So, next time you’re thinking about pounding back an espresso and working yourself tired I dare you to take a moment and breath! You’ll find yourself coming back to the task at hand with a fresh mind and perhaps even some motivation. 

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