Who's goal is it anyway? - The Core Values of OT

Welcome to July's blog, the third in a series of five, looking at the core values of O.T.  Last month we looked at assessment and what it means for your practice. This month, I will be looking at goal setting and timescales and will be linking your reflections and evidence to the HCPC standards.

What I would like you to do now is to take a few moments to reflect on your goal setting this month. Maybe prioritise two or three times you have worked through goals with someone. Identify one time when  you think could have gone better, one that was ok and one where you think it went really well.

In relation to those goal setting experiences how would you rate your ability to empower the client in the goal setting process? Where you able to give your patient/client/service user the opportunity to explore physical/psychological/ social goals. Where you able to facilitate a holistic approach and where you able to be mindful of the social model of disability rather than a reductionist medical model? This is our unique USP (unique selling point) so let's not lose it.

Ok let's rate your skills.

Let's look at your goal setting, select one from the three. What have been the barriers and challenges? Select on a scale of 1-10

1 being not at all empowering 10 being completely empowering.

Rate yourself against the criteria we have just discussed and mark yourself out of 10. You can be completely honest no one will see this apart from yourself.

Now you have done that. What would you need to do to move the score 1 mark closer to 10? eg from a 7 to 8 from 8 to 9?

How could you do that?  When can you start?

As I stated earlier, your practice and your service delivery should be underpinned by the philosophy of occupational therapy. If you are not being person centred and enabling them to prioritise their goals is it #Occupational Therapy?

Just asking..  

Well done! You have managed to take time out of your busy schedule to review and reflect on your current practice. In relation to HCPC standards, you have :

  • Reflected on your practice and documented your action plan
  • Identified clear evidence of how your goal setting has benefitted the service user in your future practice
  • You have reviewed your current practice and ensured your goal setting is client centred rather than organisation centred.
  • Identified any changes required in the quality of your service delivery.


In next months blog we will review the interventions that you currently use. So identify a time in the next month, just 30 minutes, to read and reflect on this topic. If you have any thoughts questions or queries, I would love to hear from you.


Margaret Spencer.


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