Do you find your job as a radiographer boring?

“Do you not find this job boring?” a question proposed by a patient to a radiographer according to a Facebook group posting which I read. 

This question made me ponder… do I find being a radiographer boring?

Well no, of course I don’t and after reading several responses to this conversation thread on Facebook it would appear that not many of us do find our career choice boring but it is a question that many of us have been asked previously by several patients. Why is this?

When you are asked your profession and you state you are a radiographer, how many of you then have to explain what being a radiographer actually means? What do you say? Do you make the role sound exciting? Or is it a case of ‘taking x-rays’ and that’s it full stop?

When you see a radiographer appear on Casualty or Holby City do you get excited? Do you think that we are portrayed in an exciting light? Or is it a case of the radiographer standing behind the screen… quite often I feel it looks like we don’t even operate the machinery!

With this lack of understanding of the role, the lack of enthusiasm when describing our own profession and the incorrect portrayal of our profession on television is it any wonder that patients ask us the boring question; especially when they only see a small snapshot of a radiographer’s role.

Due to the changes in the health care sector particularly with the changes in apprenticeships, the concern that undergraduate courses may not recruit due to changes in funding and merging of health care roles; we need to promote our profession.

I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about our profession and this is something that I pride myself on particularly within my role as a lecturer. I want to inspire my students to become competent qualified diagnostic radiographers but to also develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning a necessity for working within a developing profession.

I want to encourage us all to be passionate and proud about our profession so as we can encourage others to join our profession by promoting it, secure our position within a changing health care sector and show that are job is unique and certainly not boring.

We should be describing our profession as being fundamental to patient care.

We are at the heart of modern medicine; radiography is the fulcrum around the rest of medicine evolves. As without diagnostic images of the body diagnosis making would be more difficult and treatments would not be as affective (SCOR, 2017).

So when you once again you are asked what is a radiographer; remember that.

The next time a patient says to you “Do you find this job boring?”

 Say No…because as a radiographer … you can….

  • Work with a diverse range of people
  • Explore a range of clinical areas
  • Specialise from the first day of employment
  • Work wherever you like in the world
  • Work within a dynamic discipline due to ongoing development within technology

And be at the forefront of medicine.

The more that we promote ourselves and our profession the bigger the potential impact we could have on the radiography professions future developments so let’s be loud and proud.

Kay Hackett


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