8 Top Tips to Improve Morale in Pharmacy

With pharmacy being a high paced and often stressful environment it is often worth considering the question of what can be done to improve team morale. It is after-all the area of teamwork that a pharmacy department’s efficiency relies upon.


Team activities

Team activities are a great way to build the rapport of a team. Lunchtime or after work activities such as a meal out or bowling can be organised to get the team together outside of normal work hours.


Having fun at work

We spend so many hours at work that it is important that a team is not only working hard but that they are also having fun whilst doing so. Without having an environment where a team feels that they are able to have fun while being productive, stress is then built up which can easily lead to conflict within the team. Having fun is often a challenge within a pharmacy environment as we work in a serious business dealing with people’s lives.



Productivity related competitions can be created within the department, with a reward being offered to the winner or winners. This not only helps to increase morale within a team but also the productivity and ability of a team to meet its KPIS.


Highlighting achievements

It is important that a team’s achievements are highlighted during meetings and on any notice boards. It is also important that managers speak with team members individually when a team member has achieved an individual goal. This will make the team member feel valued and therefore increase their drive to achieve more.   


Have a fun friday

Have tea / coffee and cake set up in the tearoom for a set day of the week. This is a good way to get the team to talk to each other outside of work thus fostering good relationships and teamwork. Friday is usually a good day to do this as everyone is in the mood for the weekend ahead, although there may be some members of the team who do not work on this day and therefore feel left out. It could therefore be appropriate to alter the day each week.


Team meetings

It is important to have regular team meetings where team members feel that they can express both their ideas and feelings. If people are feeling frustrated or feel they have good ideas it is very important they are able to express these thoughts and feel that they are being listened to. If they do not have an area or opportunity to do so it breeds discontent and thus low morale. The culture of such a meeting should be one of openness and honesty.


Opportunities for employees to learn and grow

There should be a clear programme for all colleges to follow that will help them to progress with their careers. This programme should also be personalised through individual meetings by managers with their staff members. Yearly objectives should be set for the employee to grow, learn and improve their work. This should be done with both permanent staff and locums. This will help locums to feel integrated into the team and give them objectives to meet during their time with you.


Noticeboards and team boards

There should be a wall somewhere that is dedicated to important information for the team. This should be a wall that contains both fun items and subjects of a more serious matter. For example things like team photos could be displayed here, along with interesting quotes for the day. Team members should be able to contribute appropriate information to the board as well as to management.


In conclusion

It is very important to ensure that you find ways to improve staff morale in their workplace. Failure to do so will lead to poor results in the workplace and a negative work atmosphere. It is important that management is not the only group that is responsible for this. Team members including locums should be able to come up with ideas that help to improve team spirit, the working atmosphere and hence team morale. It is after all everyone’s place of work and we spend so many hours in this environment and a team that works well together is more likely to do work well.

Lucina Ridgwell 


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