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Now is the time of year when patients and staff alike start making new year resolutions. Some patients will make resolutions regarding their health. Maybe it will be to drink less, exercise more or eat healthier. Maybe your resolution is to find a new position, to finish the course that you have started or to start a new one.


Setting realistic expectations

In order to achieve a resolution that will last through into 2019, then the goal in mind must be a realistic one. It also needs to be a goal that the person is able to measure their success against. Therefore these goals need to be specific. Resolutions such as ‘I will manage my work-life balance better’ or ‘I will get a promotion’ are two vague to be attained.


Keep the cost down

Making a change does not have to be expensive. If it’s too costly then it can be too easy to give up. For example, if the resolution is to keep active and eat healthily then you don’t have to fork out on a hefty gym membership in order to achieve this change.


Ideas for resolutions

* Attend a webinar, workshop or a study day once a month

* Join your local practice forum

* Attend at least 2 conferences this year

* Complete a specific course by a specific deadline

* Obtain a position in a chosen area by a specific date

* Exercise in a certain way (eg. Zumba) every week (ideally set the day of the week as well)


Don’t take on too much at once. Set smaller goals, ones that can increase as you go on throughout the year.


Keep a track of your progress

Realising how far you have come and how you are doing is a great incentive to keep going. Set smaller goals to start with, but then keep going until you reach your aim. A diary or photographs can be a great way to help with this.


One slip is not a reason to quit

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have a bad day. Pick yourself up and try again, celebrate the victories and keep your motivation strong. Don’t give up if you have a slip up, as these things can happen to anyone.


Get support

You don’t have to go it alone. Find colleges or patients with the same goal as yours and buddy up.


In summary

As healthcare professionals we are in the perfect position to help our patients, colleges and ourselves to achieve their new years resolutions for 2018. What’s your resolution? 


If your new years resolution is to find a new exciting role then don’t forget we recruit Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Speech Therapists, Radiographers, Sonographers, Cardiac Physiologists, Nurses and our sister brand Doctors.




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