Learning about the new requirements for CPD

What is revaluation?

It is defined by the GPhC as “The critical evaluation of practice and learning to find ways to improve outcomes for patients and service users”. All pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in Great Britain will have to demonstrate that they are regularly reflecting on their learning and practice, as well as also keeping up to date.

Patients and the public would like to have further assurances that pharmacy professionals remain safe and effective, after their initial registration period has passed. The framework encourages pharmacy professionals to reflect upon their learning and practices, with a focus on the outcomes for the people that are using the service.

What is required?

In the first period of revaluation, four CPD entries will be required, two of which must be planned. You will need to submit these records by your next renewal deadline.

In the second year you will need to carry out and record four CPD entry’s (two of which must be planned), a peer discussion and a reflective account. This will need to be continued with every year and it will always be required to be submitted (along with your application for renewal).

You will be asked to explain in each record how what you have done has benefited people using pharmacy services, to make sure that improving the care that people receive remains at the heart of the process.

Across your four entries, you should try to learn using a variety of methods. They want to see the relevance and breadth of your learning and development activities. It is suggested that the methods you use should be varied, depending on what you are learning.

Your learning should also reflect the context of your practice. If you have multiple roles or specialisations, then you should use your four entries to reflect that breadth.

What is the difference between planned and unplanned CPD entries?

Planned CPD is when you set out to learn a specific skill or piece of knowledge. Unplanned is when you learn something during your workday, that you then later apply to your practice. Both activities need to have been within the last 12 months, and they must show how your learning led to a real positive impact on the service users receive. The format of each is a little different and the templates are available via both the GPhC’s website and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

How is a reflective account different from a CPD entry?

A reflective account has a focus on how you meet the GPhC’s standards for pharmacy professionals. You have to show how you meet one or more of the standards set out. Your CPD entry should instead focus on your practice and how it is safe and effective.

How long will it take me to complete my records?

It is suggested that it will take around 4.5 hours to complete the entry required.

Will my records be reviewed?

The GPhC will check to see if you have submitted the relevant records, including that you have submitted the right number and type. Your records are then put into the pool, from which the GPhC will then both randomly and specifically use to target people for full reviews that they conduct.


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