The Advantages of Locum Work


Working as a healthcare professional can not only be incredibly stressful, but it can sometimes seem like a restrictive career path. Luckily, there are opportunities that will allow you to experience more aspects of healthcare on a flexible basis, such as becoming a locum.


What is locuming?

A locum is someone who temporarily covers someone within their profession. Locuming is incredibly useful to the healthcare sector, as they are able to help fill in/cover sick leave, maternity leave and short-staffing issues.

Listed below are some advantages to working as a locum in the healthcare sector:

  • Flexibility

Being a locum gives you control over your career, where you decide what type of contracts you want to work. For example, working short-term contracts and moving around roles will enable you to gain more experience and increase your skillset. Short-term contracts also allow for other commitments such as travelling, projects or family. On the other hand, long-term contracts can benefit you by providing the experience and skills needed for relevant career aspirations. Here at RIG, we've had numerous locums who have since gone on to permanent roles, after gaining the relevant experience in locum placements.

  • Less stress

Many locums enjoy the fact that they can go to their placement, do their job to the best of their ability and then go home without stressing and worrying about their role or office politics. Due to the nature of the contract, being a locum means you won't necessarily get drawn into office politics, which is a big advantage for many locums.

  • Pay

Working as a locum means the hourly rate is a lot higher than permanent staff. This is because locums work on a contracted basis, have a shorter notice period, no holiday/sick pay, maternity leave or pensions which reflects why locums get a higher rate of pay. Working short-contracts and receiving higher rates of pay are really attractive to locums as they can earn more by working less.

  • Career advantages

Becoming a locum can be a steppingstone to the career you want. This is because it allows you to gain specific experience and skills in placements you want. Being a locum means you are in control, where you can decide what role you want to work in, the type of contract you want and whether you want to work in an NHS hospital, a clinic, for a private company or in the community. There is so much choice and opportunity to choose from where you want to gain the relevant experience in. Some locums prefer to do long-term contracts where they're able to establish themselves and they also use their time on their placements to build up a network of contacts which may help with their career further down the line.

  • Interesting/Fun

Because working as a locum is so flexible, it means you're able to move around different placements, gaining experience in different sectors/aspects of healthcare. You'll have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people, experience different cultures and learn new systems and there are always opportunities for locums to opt for placements that are more challenging. Many locums like to do several placements until they find the right fit for them, where they often choose to apply for a permanent role there.


There are so many pros to being a locum and the best part about it is that you can make it work for you because you're in control. Working as a locum is useful for career choices, gaining a wide range of experience and skills, establishing yourself and building a network at a higher rate of pay on flexible terms.

If you're interested or want to find out more, get in touch with RIG today to discuss how we can help make locuming work for you.

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