Travelling and Locuming


The benefits of working and travelling? What are they? I decided to find out by holding a Q+A with one of our overseas candidates who recently returned back to Canada after spending 18 months with RIG.


What attracted you to locum work?

As a non-European, it is much easier and quicker to find employment through a locum agency. The agency helps find the job you want in the area you want as soon as possible. There is also less responsibility as a locum worker; you are expected to go to work and do your job properly. The agency listens to your needs and wants and helps accommodate you. As a locum worker you have a lot more flexibility with your work schedule. In my case, I wanted to travel a lot and I was able to do so being a locum worker. 

How did you find the ease of process with getting yourself ready to work with RIG Healthcare?

Getting ready for work with RIG Healthcare was very straightforward. Yes, at times it feels like a lot of paperwork but moving from Canada it is to be expected. I first started off with RIG with Brendan as my agent and a little later on with Jack. Both were very helpful at getting me ready to start work. They made themselves available either by phone or e-mail to answer any of my questions. 

What was the biggest change you experienced when working in the UK?

There is a lot to get used to when you move abroad. The lifestyle is completely different. The biggest change for me was getting used to everything in the beginning alone. Like any new job, it’s hard to be the new person in the department. Let alone being new, also new in the country and department with new protocols and ways of doing. It took a few months before I felt comfortable with everything. I remember having my first meeting with RIG and they told me that I could ask them any question, not only work related but anything to help the transition.

What have you enjoyed the most? 

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact thing I enjoyed the most because I enjoyed a lot of my experience. I have made a ton of friends at work. It is not very heard of for locum radiographers to stick around the same job for two years, but I absolutely loved it where I worked and did not leave but the option was always there. The freedom to travel was amazing. I had the chance to travel to over twenty countries in Europe because of this. I would have never had that opportunity from Canada. 

What would you do differently if you could do it all over again? 

I would have probably moved sooner! But I loved the whole experience. I have no regrets.

What would you recommend about RIG? 

I would recommend RIG as an agency because they helped make a difficult transition to an easy one. Jack took the time to answer my questions. He always asked how I was doing and if I was happy where I was working. They took the stress out of job hunting. 


As a thank you for their hard work over those 18 months, me and the Imaging team contributed towards their leaving drinks and pizza party. I'd also like to thank Eleni and David for representing RIG in such a professional manner. Good luck in your next adventure and it has been a pleasure helping you both :)


By Jack Pearne


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