One year in, H.C.P.C. Standards met and evidenced, job done (almost). (Blog 4)

August 2014

Hopefully you are almost there with clear and comprehensive evidence of how you have met the first 4 HCPC standards? Fantastic achievement and still another year to go! In this blog we will think about your previous year and the evidence you selected. We will review the main problems that people can make when sending in their evidence to the HCPC, and check you have not made the same mistakes.

Benefits of being a Locum

August 2014

This is my first time writing a blog and I hope you find it interesting. My main focus is going to be about the benefits I've found being a Locum pharmacy technician. I fell into Locum work really, I was newly qualified after taking a break to go travelling after completing my course and agency work was something I came across as soon.....

Categorising your CPD evidence into the HCPC 3 standards (Blog 3)

July 2014

In this blog we are going to concentrate on providing the evidence that we have met each of the HCPC standards every month since October 2013. Once this has been completed we don’t need to go back and do it again so it’s a job ticked off our To Do List and a year ahead of time. I confess that doesn’t happen to me often. The hardest work is behind you now; you have located your supervision records and identified your significant areas of C.P.D. (Continuing Professional Development). I must admit I feel a little bit calmer myself.

Ever wondered about Mammography?

July 2014

Read our latest blog from Alice Alech qualified mammographer for an insight into the world of mammography... She aims for clear pristine images of the breasts but to do that a mammographer has to invade her client's space. Mammography is an intimate job, even challenging at times but breast cancer is the third most common cancer in the U.K and routine breast screening significantly reduces the mortality rate.

Professional Indemnity requirements for all HCPC registrants

July 2014

All registrants with HCPC must now have professional indemnity in place under new guidelines as a condition of registration. (excluding social workers) This applies to all practising registrants.


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