Mental Health in Pharmacy - Do they care about us?

February 2018

Mental health has been neglected for far too long and it is finally coming to the fore. But who cares about the caregivers in the community?

New Year, New Start

January 2018

Now is the time of year when patients and staff alike start making new year resolutions. Some patients will make resolutions regarding their health. Maybe it will be to drink less, exercise more or eat healthier. Maybe your resolution is to find a new position, to finish the course that you have started or to start a new one. Read our tips on making and keeping your new years resolutions.

Is technology the answer to our failing NHS?

December 2017

It’s a well known fact that the NHS is facing severe financial pressures. Cuts are being made, but still NHS trusts around the country are spending more than their budget. With such a lack of funds, coupled with a rising population and an increasingly elderly population many fear for the future of the NHS.

RIG goes to Greece

November 2017

Rig made the trip to Greece to speak and exhibit at the British Councils medical and health care professionals career fair.

8 Top Tips to Improve Morale in Pharmacy

November 2017

With pharmacy being a high paced and often stressful environment it is often worth considering the question of what can be done to improve team morale. It is after-all the area of teamwork that a pharmacy department’s efficiency relies upon.


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