Still keeping calm and gathering evidence for H.C.P.C as we go? (Blog 2)

July 2014

Let’s start with the list of your activities? Brilliant start, it’s surprising what you can achieve in a year, and a good basis for your annual appraisal. When you go through your months with a fine tooth comb you start to realise how much you have achieved in the year. Remember we are under half way through the next potential audit dates so you will be able to use this information to inform how, and what information you gather in the next twelve months.

Keep calm and review your HCPC evidence (Blog 1)

July 2014

Yes don’t panic, we can all breathe a sigh of relief as the HCPC audits are not for another year. But if like me you don’t want to wait until this time next year and start to panic as every white envelope drops through your letter box, and wished you had got organised a little bit earlier, trying to remember what on earth you were doing in October 2013. Then this is the blog to read this week.


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