Why you shouldn't wing it when coming to work in the UK

February 2016

After completing 5 years of uni and jumping straight into my first job as a bariatric dietitian, I was itching to travel and maximise a young and free lifestyle while I still could. I had a few friends who had recently moved to the UK on 2 year visas and got jobs as locum dietitians and I thought why not join them?

Time for inspiration. Time for a TED Talk.

February 2016

Healthcare can be hard work. Being a clinician can be tough at times. I love my job and what I do, but every now and then I need a little inspiration. Something to help get fired up, refuel the passion and spark some creativity. I have a special source that I want to share with you that is guaranteed to stimulate the mind and spur on the innovator in all of us…. It’s called TED.

An Aussie Pharmacist in England – Experiences of the Pharmacy Profession in two countries

January 2016

Hello everyone, or perhaps I should say G’day. One of my long term dreams was always to leave the land down under and live in the UK for a time. I wanted to experience life, work as an aussie pharmacist in the UK and culture in a different country, and to travel as much as possible. So with a lot of planning and a little luck, I found myself in England on a two-year ‘working holiday’ VISA.

My Top Tips for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians thinking about being a locum in the future

January 2016

Choosing to work as a locum in pharmacy can be rewarding however can be challenging at the same time. I believe that it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of working as a Pharmacy locum before you start your position. Here is a list of pros and cons I have come up with:

The dangers of litigation culture for health professionals

December 2015

Litigation; to sue for damages, even for the most simple violation of rights. Often this involves the prosecution not having common sense it seems (Urban Dictionary, 2015). Over a number of years litigation culture seems to have become a part of the national psyche. Where there is blame there is apparently a claim. Though there may be no objective proof of this litigation culture but there are frequent claims within newspapers, official reports, political and legislative debates that a litigation culture genuinely exists.


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