"Why would you leave sunshine & sandy beaches for rain & incredibly expensive London?"

November 2015

My answer, Australia, especially where I come from Brisbane, Queensland is beautiful. Warm sunny days, the beaches are an hour away although no koalas and especially no kangaroos crossing the road from where I come from! Why London? London is a vibrant city, it has the lifestyle for a young, single, professional woman, its got the social scene, the cheap flights to some of the most amazing European travel destinations in the world and well for me it’s one step closer on the path to self discovery. Here is my story.

What to expect in a hospital Pharmacy as a pre-reg student

October 2015

Nervous about working in a hospital Pharmacy? Read an insight from our guest writer here:

When things go wrong - The Importance of a Good Induction

October 2015

The importance of a good induction is key to ensuring nothing goes wrong! This latest article discusses how to try and avoid situations that lead to bad experiences for everyone involved....

Moving to the UK & being a locum pharmacist

October 2015

Until I moved to the UK as a temporary worker on a visa, Locum pharmacy work was something that I had never really thought much about. I had heard about it and many people I knew were Locum pharmacists and I kept thinking why would you Locum, having a permanent, stable pharmacy job would be way better! Well is it really??

Livin’ La Vida Locum – Installment 5.0: Survival of the Locum Speechie

August 2015

Changing roles from a permanent to a locum Speech Therapist can bring with it some challenges for developing your professional identity. Despite the dramatic increase in your hourly rate, it is important to remember that your professional development is to be independently managed and financed. It also often eats into your own time.


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