Hospital V Community Pharmacy

October 2015

Many pre-registration pharmacists are faced with this dilemma, Hospital or Community? What are the differences? What are the prospects? Where will I earn more money? What would I find more difficult?

Moving to the UK & being a locum pharmacist

October 2015

Until I moved to the UK as a temporary worker on a visa, Locum pharmacy work was something that I had never really thought much about. I had heard about it and many people I knew were Locum pharmacists and I kept thinking why would you Locum, having a permanent, stable pharmacy job would be way better! Well is it really??

Are standards are a waste of time?

August 2015

After Prof Thimbleby’s presentation the floor was opened to questions. Previously on the agenda there had been a debate about whether Healthcare Standards “have gone too far”– and he was asked the same question in relation to what he had just been talking about. His answer went along the lines of “standards are a waste of time”, a member of the audience interjected that, “it wasn't the standards that are a waste of time it is their implementation and policing which can often be at fault”

How the toughest Bacteria on earth is making our lives cleaner

July 2015

It’s not often that the NHS, a government research body, and a commercial business work together towards a common goal, but that’s exactly what has happened.

What areas do Pharmacists cover in hospitals?

July 2015

The majority of Pharmacies I’ve worked in have been lovely, so why do we face such chronic staff shortages? Of course there are the main reasons for short term issues like holidays, sickness and maternity leaves but overall there aren’t enough trained staff to cover an ageing population who are living longer due to excellent healthcare. For this reason I’m going to tell you a bit about Pharmacy and the areas we operate in to encourage more knowledge in users, patients and staff members alike.


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