Hands Off From Hands On?!

April 2018

It is another day in a busy east London GP practice and I just treated my 10th of in total 14 patients. During my break, I checked my twitter timeline and was reading all the fancy posts about the latest - however often inconclusive - research findings in physiotherapy...

You're Hired!

February 2018

Over the last few months a hot topic for the CSP has been the possibility of training new physiotherapists through apprenticeships. The proposal of apprenticeship training, made by the United Lincolnshire NHS Trust and supported by Sheffield Hallam University, was submitted to government last year.

A day in the life of a Physiotherapist: Why I do what I do

November 2017

“Why did you become a physiotherapist?” or some iteration of this question is something that I am often asked by patients during a treatment session. There is no grand over-arching explanation as to how I became a physiotherapist, just one very simple reason...

The Value of Hands On Therapy

July 2016

In recent times a recurring theme I have encountered is the patient disaffected by the idea of physiotherapy. Amongst these many individuals you can see a repeated pattern arising...

Experiences of a new grad Physio in "rural Africa"

June 2016

Shortly after graduating I had the privilege to work as a Physiotherapist in the Drakensburg in what you can call “rural Africa”. Well I say privilege; it was compulsory. Termed Community Service is the South African governments initiative to getting health care services to the rural community in the country.


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