Do you find your job as a radiographer boring?

June 2017

“Do you not find this job boring?” a question proposed by a patient to a radiographer according to a Facebook group posting which I read.

Is Communication An Ongoing Issue Within Healthcare?

May 2017

Despite the abundance of research evidence that indicates communication among health care team members influences the quality of working relationships, job satisfaction and that it profoundly impacts patient care and safety as the Mid Staffordshire Report showed; why are there still communication issues within the healthcare setting and multi-disciplinary team?

Underwear in MRI!

March 2017

Recently there has been a lot of attention focussed on what patients wear in MRI. It comes after a case report detailing how a patient experienced skin burns in an MRI scanner in an unfortunate incident thought to be linked to her clothing.

Who's going to inspire your students?!

June 2016

Clinical education is an important component of training for radiography students and it is essential that the transition to clinical placement particularly for first year students is successful. This is due to the implications that can arise when a student withdraws for the student and the associated university.

The challenges of radiography in Zambia

April 2016

Feeling stressed? Is your department under staffed, are you over worked? Do you feel like there aren’t enough resources? The staff in your department never have time for CPD? Are your waiting lists always breaching? I think these are all common moans and groans that we, as radiographers can all relate to, along with other health care workers.


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