Top 10 Tips for getting your first therapy job!

April 2015

Are you looking for your first job? Do you not know where to start? Read our Top 10 tips for getting your first jobs in Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy here.

Livin’ La Vida Locum – Installment 3.0: The Benefits of Locum Speech Therapy Life

April 2015

Locuming and living in London has opened up a wide range of opportunities that I never expected! The flexibility of locum life allows you to take contracts that suit you, for a length of time that suits you and at a rate of pay that suits you. This lifestyle has afforded me travel to the USA, Africa, Australia and Europe, while living in central London. Moving between jobs shows you just how similar and also how different each work place is - I can now travel between positions / hospitals and see what does and what doesn’t work so well – it’s invaluable! This also allows you to develop your interpersonal and professional skills and adjust to working with a variety of different people.

Livin’ La Vida Locum – Installment 2.0 : Australia V UK

March 2015

Working in the UK has blown my professional and personal mind. It has been wonderful seeing how different systems and practices operate. I feel the need to show you a summary of some of the main employment based differences I’ve found between working in Australia versus working in the UK:

Livin’ La Vida Locum : Moving to the UK from Australia

February 2015

Read our locum Speech & Language Therapist, Gen Howard's experience on moving to the UK from Australia to work as a locum. Decision 1: To move or not to move… The decision to move to London was one that seemed natural and yet unplanned all at once. My Aussie speechie elders had passed down the stories of their journeys to London and something about it seemed so exciting and surreal. In 2012 I unfortunately became unwell and spent a few months off work and over this time I thought a lot about what I wanted to gain from life – did I want to stay in Queensland covered in sunscreen...

What resources are available for Speech & Language Therapists?

July 2014

In an inspiring and creative job such as a speech and language therapy where can we find information and ideas to encourage development and offer support with the day to day activities in this specialist role?


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