Interoperability? It’s all about sharing information

June 2016

I was very excited about getting a new role last year. When my colleagues asked me what I was doing, I would reply with a smile ‘I have joined the Interoperability Programme.’ More often than not, I was met with a reply of ‘interop…what?’ or ‘what’s that?’ It seemed I had joined a team that has one of the hardest words in health technology to pronounce let alone understand.

Diagnostic information: A powerful tool for community therapists

May 2016

I would like to share some stories from my practice in community rehabilitation. These are situations where being without access to diagnostic information contributed to making poor decisions with my patients about their treatment and care.

Have you found our Facebook Groups?

April 2016

We have set up groups for our specialists on Facebook so we can share with you relevant information and give you a place to network with other colleagues...

Disruptive technologies or new opportunities for pharmacy and healthcare?

March 2016

In 2012 IBM released a video outlining their blue sky vision for healthcare in 2020, they predicted that the dissolution of boundaries for information between healthcare professionals would lead to a new collaborative healthcare model, with improved patient outcomes; already in 2015 we’re seeing this vision become a reality.

Make time or we will fail!

March 2016

It's time to call on the NHS to make the time to change... Read David's thoughts here...


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