Have Your Say: The First National Clinical Software Usability Survey

March 2016

A clinical system is more than just recording somewhere what we do. It is a medico-legal document. It holds our patient’s medical records and it provides us with the information we need to help shape our clinical assessments and interventions. The usability of a clinical system is the most fundamental...

#SoMe & Healthcare Professionals

February 2016

In my post-Christmas, New Year state of mind I have decided that my addiction (like plenty of other people's) to Facebook needs to stop. I have come to the realisation that going to the bathroom has become synonymous with Facebook time. I can almost hear the cries of horror but the reality is I am not the only person to catch up with "friends" while sitting in the loo!

Can paperless working really be collaborative?

January 2016

I write this as a founding member of the Paperless Radiotherapy Interest Group (P-RIG) that now has 200 members from across the country and indeed further afield but crucially has representation from nearly all of the radiotherapy centres in the UK. This is a great achievement and shows that there really is interest in moving forward with paperless or at least paper light working. Not only this but it also shows that there is a willing for collaboration between centres and the people in those centres to share ideas, thoughts and resolutions to problems or hurdles that have been faced.

Turning beds into 'Smart Beds'

August 2015

New tech in health care is without a doubt, my personal addiction. A new 3D medical printer article is a bedtime story to me! I recently heard of a pilot scheme for new hi-tech equipment being rolled out to help staff in residential homes, meet the needs of vulnerable people even quicker – and give residents more control over their care. Tech for independence is as worthwhile as it gets.

Mobile Working in Community Healthcare: Objectives, challenges and transformation strategies

April 2015

Mobile technologies have demonstrated great potential in personalised and self-directed health initiatives. We have seen both public and private healthcare providers adopt mobility solutions. For many organisations the drive to introduce mobile devices is based solely on cost improvement objectives. This can constrain mobile working to a procurement and deployment exercise and risks ignoring the impact the technology will have on clinical working culture and patient engagement. Drawing from personal mobile working experience, I wish to highlight how critical...


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