10 Steps to being an authentic Therapist

May 2015

Our Top 10 tips series continues this week with our guest blogger Margaret Spencer's 10 steps to being an authentic Therapist.

Top 10 Tips for getting your first therapy job!

April 2015

Are you looking for your first job? Do you not know where to start? Read our Top 10 tips for getting your first jobs in Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy here.

What are the 10 qualities of a real OT?

March 2015

Read on.. Following my previous blog in relation to my complaint about an occupational therapist I was just idly scrolling through the latest info from the HCPC about who has been struck off. It's worth a read if only to imagine the back story to some of them, having been involved with performance management this year I know this page is the tiny tip of the iceberg, with hours and sometimes a year of work collecting evidence to present. The code of conduct is also worth reading to remind ourselves of things that happen outside work; drink driving, convictions etc which have to be declared.

5 tips to help you on your first days as a Locum...

September 2014

Congratulations, you’ve landed the job, you’re excited, eager to start but are you worried that your superintendent and new work colleagues will be judging you almost as soon as you walk in the department? We all do it, we judge even though we know that we shouldn’t go on first impressions. That’s why you need to create a good impression starting on day 1. The hospital has taken you on; they need you, the locum hospital worker to deliver. Here are 5 tips to set you in the right direction...


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