Confessions of a Kanuk - Moving to the UK

March 2016

My decision to relocate and start my new life in the UK was a big uneasy dilemma. The idea itself did not come to me overnight, it was long journey researching and planning. The thought of travelling and experiencing life abroad washed away all the doubts and fears I had...

Travelling Europe - The benefits of being a locum

February 2016

The past 3 years have been a whirlwind of earn, travel, earn, travel, repeat etc. My naïve mind had an expectation to stay in London for three months only after an elaborate few months of travelling Europe and Northern Africa. The opportunity to experience the world and other cultures so easily continues to be a massive advantage and has been a heavily influential factor to staying so long in the UK.

An Aussie Pharmacist in England – The role of the Pharmacy Technician

February 2016

I’m currently working as a locum pharmacy dispensing assistant in an NHS hospital in England, and find it very interesting comparing the practice of hospital pharmacy between this country and Australia. One aspect of pharmacy practice I immediately found to be quite different is the role of the pharmacy technician. In this post I’d like to explore this particular observation in more detail.

Why you shouldn't wing it when coming to work in the UK

February 2016

After completing 5 years of uni and jumping straight into my first job as a bariatric dietitian, I was itching to travel and maximise a young and free lifestyle while I still could. I had a few friends who had recently moved to the UK on 2 year visas and got jobs as locum dietitians and I thought why not join them?

The journey to becoming a locum hospital pharmacist

February 2016

The road from a Trinity student to a locum hospital pharmacist in the UK indeed was a challenging and long journey - but a rewarding and enjoyable one all the same. I have been working as a locum hospital pharmacist in the UK for nearly two years now; so I chose to write my first blog about my training journey.


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