Becoming a Permanent Speech Therapist

January 2016

Following a brief stint of psychotic mania in the early months of 2015 (muchos gracias for that Liam) and an unexpectedly lengthy repatriation to the motherland, life spun back into the routine orbit of permanent speech therapy work – new hospital, new colleagues, new language, new London experience.

An Aussie Pharmacist in England – Experiences of the Pharmacy Profession in two countries

January 2016

Hello everyone, or perhaps I should say G’day. One of my long term dreams was always to leave the land down under and live in the UK for a time. I wanted to experience life, work as an aussie pharmacist in the UK and culture in a different country, and to travel as much as possible. So with a lot of planning and a little luck, I found myself in England on a two-year ‘working holiday’ VISA.

My Top Tips for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians thinking about being a locum in the future

January 2016

Choosing to work as a locum in pharmacy can be rewarding however can be challenging at the same time. I believe that it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of working as a Pharmacy locum before you start your position. Here is a list of pros and cons I have come up with:

A big move to follow your dreams of being a Radiotherapist

December 2015

With the government cutbacks and recent elections, there was a hiring freeze put into place in British Columbia, Canada in 2013. This was the year I graduated. Interviews for the new radiotherapy graduates were cancelled a week before they were due to commence.

Changes in Radiotherapy & where to work

November 2015

Radiation therapy is an area in healthcare that is constantly growing and changing. Since my graduation in 2013 I have noticed changes in techniques, patient set-ups, care instructions and so much more. Techniques such as IMRT and RapidArc have made the delivery of radiation to patients more precise, allowing us to spare more normal tissue and therefore decreasing patient side effects.


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